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In a world with ever-moving water it is a management chalange to guarantee sustainable suppply for every needs. AquaChange wants to make a contribution to measure and forecast changes in surface water by integrating in situ and satellite data with forecast models.   

AquaChange live

Reservoir monitoring and forecast


Reservoir monitoring 

AQUACHANGE uses measurments from gage stations and measurments from Satellite, to estimate reservoir water level. Compare the result of the two measurments.


Reservoir forecasting

AQUACHANGE integrates numerical models providing forecasts on river water flows which allow to estimate affluent water to reservoirs. This monitoring and forecast capabilities can also be operationally integrated with other platforms/databases. 


Reservoir Surface Water

Satellite images provide a direct measure of the reservoir surface water extent. Compare two images showing changes in surface water between 2018 and 2019 in Monte Novo Reservoir.


Satellite data

The Normalized Difference Water Index (NDWI) index measures surface water.  AQUACHANGE produces NDWI based on Sentinel2 satelite image. Access our WMS that keeps you updated on reservoir surface water changes.  Download the GeoTiff!


About Us

AQUACHANGE team results from Hidromod background of 27 years and more than 450 projects, alongside a quality management system certified by the ISO 9001 norm. This team offers a combination of engineering experience, scientific knowledge and capacity for technological implementation. 


Rua Rui Teles Palhinha, nº 4, 1º.
2740-278, Porto Salvo


Pedro Chambel Leitao 
Phone: (+351) 218 486 013
Fax: (+351) 218 484 621